The New Year’s Resolution: Care for your cushions

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By StevenGadson

The New Year’s Resolution: Care for your cushions


We have previously written about how to care for your cushions. In this post we believe it would be beneficial if it was scheduled with setting a new Years resolution to help reinforce the reason why taking care of your cushions is so important and that making a commitment to it now could help you care for your cushions later on in the year.

  • Why cushion care is crucial
  • Let’s just say there are four excellent reasons to care about cushions.
  • They will last longer, which could save you money and prevent you from buying new ones.
  • They’ll feel better for a longer time.
  • They will appear better longer.
  • They’ll last longer.

How to care for cushions

Keep them covered or stored in a closed area when not in use for prolonged periods. They will not be damaged by UV light, and will also keep dirt, grime and mildew from them. Clean them whenever they’re dirty , or at least twice every year before storing them. If they need it more frequently, twice a Home Improvement year is ideal. Don’t allow objects that weigh a lot to sit on your cushions for prolonged periods. This can cause the cushions to deflate prematurely. It is possible to refer to our How to Maintain Outdoor Patio Cushions post.

Cushions: What are they to be used for?

Cushions provide us comfort, one thing that we would prefer not to do without. We’d like to sit back, relax or read in the comfort of the furniture. Cushions provide the flexibility and comfort required to let your body adapt to the rigidity of a furniture frame. Without cushions, the experience of sitting on hard furniture is not pleasant. Caring for cushions will allow you to have soft comfy cushions that offer the support you need for a long period of time.

A side benefit of Cushions

Although comfort is their primary objective, there are a few positive aspects for cushions that a lot of people will beg for. But, they’re not really for decoration unless they are. The benefits of these are:

  • They add style to furniture
  • They add a touch of style to your decor.

The fabric pattern the color, shape and design of cushions offer an aesthetic harmony to the furniture. The pattern and colors will add a touch of style to your decor. Caring for your cushions will ensure your furniture retains its style and continues to provide an accent to your decor.

It is possible to make a New Year’s resolution to maintain your cushions to ensure they last for many years. If your cushions have worn out and you’re looking to buy new cushions to replace them, you should learn everything you should know about wicker replacement cushions or deep seating cushions.