Take Care of Your Outdoor Patio Furniture to last through the Winter

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By StevenGadson

Make Time for Seasonal Activities and Take Care of Your Outdoor Patio Furniture to last through the Winter


We recently published an article entitled Winter is Coming! Time to Store your outdoor Wicker Furniture that provided helpful tips on what to do to prepare your outdoor furniture for winter. This weeks article stresses the necessity of taking good care of your cushions and furniture in the hopes that If you haven’t yet taken proper care of them, you’ll take the necessary steps.

Every furniture type is susceptible to deterioration and age

No matter what kind of outdoor patio furniture or cushions you have, caring for them through the long winter months is essential. Inclement weather conditions like cold temperatures, rain, dampness, and additional hours of sunshine can make it difficult to maintain the expected lifespan of your furniture and cause it to degrade gradually.

Aging of Outdoor Furniture

By taking treatment of furniture even when it’s not being used, you can lower the chance of deterioration. You don’t have to hurry through the inevitable. A little bit of care can extend the life and look of your furniture, and save you money. You can prolong the life of your furniture by covering it with a cover and/or storing it away from direct sunlight. This will help to maintain its appearance for longer.

Mice and other rodents are similar to Cushions

Whatever you do with your cushions, be aware that rodents like rodents and mice are searching for warm spots in the winter months. Cushions make the perfect home for rodents. They love to chew through the fabric and even live within the cushions. Be sure that this doesn’t occur to you. To keep mice and rodents from snatching your cushions, you can place mothballs around them. Do not be concerned about the mothball odor absorbed by the cushions while in storage. Leave them for a couple of days or so in spring and they’ll be air-conditioned.

Get the Best Weather for work

In the Northeast as well as other regions throughout the United States, we are experiencing better than normal weather conditions allowing us to do things outside that we might otherwise blow-off and wait until later, or not at all. Take advantage of the great weather and do something about covering or storing your outdoor patio furniture while you are enjoying a warm and sunny weather.