Use Bonus Room Ideas to Transform Empty Spaces

Is there a bonus room in your new home? Lucky you! A bonus room can enhance the value of your home and increase its enjoyment. A bonus room that is finished can increase the value of a house by thousands of dollars. Looking for ideas on how to transform your bonus room in your home? These are just a few ways to make your home’s bonus space more in line with your needs.

What is a bonus area?

A bonus room is an area that doesn’t normally qualify as a bedroom or kitchen, bathroom, closet, or kitchen. It can be used for many purposes depending on your preferences and needs. It is not always clear what a bonus room means. Property appraisers might leave bonus rooms out when valuing a property. A bonus room in a home may be called a “flexroom” or “FROG” (finished space above garage) when you look at real estate listings.

Ideas on what to do in a bonus space

What should you do about your bonus room? There are many options depending on your needs.

Playroom for children – This is an excellent use of your flex space, regardless of whether you have teens or toddlers. Play is the best way for children to learn. A dedicated room for your child’s growth and development can be a great idea. A “playroom” can be a great option for older children and teens. It allows them to have a safe space where they can hang out with their friends and do other things.

Music studio – If your family has a musical bent, then a music studio is a great idea. Your bonus space can be used to create a recording studio or play an instrument. Residents will have a quiet place to listen to music and not disturb others.

Family game night – Does your family have a game room? Are you a gamer who enjoys playing with family and friends? If so, consider transforming your bonus space into a game room. You can add board games, a pool table or ping-pong table to your bonus space.

Media room – The bonus room can be used as a media area if you enjoy watching movies and TV. The room can be completed by adding a large-screen TV, sound system, and comfortable seating.

Home office – Do you need a place to work remotely? A home office can increase productivity and help you save time commuting to work. You will need to have comfortable seating, adequate lighting, a desk with storage, and plenty of storage in order to create a functional and organized home office.

Study or homework room – Do you need a space to do your homework and study? Residents will be able to use a designated room in their home for this purpose. To help organize the space, we recommend adding bookshelves or cabinets.

Additional guest room – Do you need a spare room to accommodate guests? It might be a smart idea to convert your bonus room into an additional guest room for guests who frequent your home throughout the year. To save space, you can add a daybed/bunk bed to a small room. You will also need somewhere for guests to store their belongings.

Hobby room – Are you ready to be crafty? Turn your unused space into a hobby room. A room that is dedicated to your hobby will make you more likely to enjoy it.


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