How to Clean Dyson Vacuums the Best

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By StevenGadson

Dyson vacuums have amazing features. Dyson vacuums are cord-free, independent and highly functional. It can really make a difference in people’s daily lives. Users and homeowners around the world have praised the vacuum brand. We will not only find out if the vacuum works, but also how to clean it properly.

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Cleaning a Dyson vacuum is easy with three steps. Each step corresponds to the next. These methods were taken from Dyson’s official website. These methods were combined with user reviews, and other recommendations from the site. These actions were then sent to Dyson experts to determine if they could be applied to all Dyson vacuums.

The methods were also tested simultaneously and proved to be applicable to all D6 models. Both methods 1 and 2 are applicable to all Dyson models.

These are easy but very effective methods for cleaning and troubleshooting your Dyson vacuum. Continue reading to learn more.

Are you hearing the hum? Your Dyson vacuum needs to be cleaned. It will be simple!

How can I clean my Dyson vacuum cleaner?

There are three ways to clean a Dyson vacuum. Each method can be used for a specific purpose. You can combine the methods if necessary. You will need to order the methods if you plan to use them all in one session.

These are the methods, in alphabetical order:

Clean the Dustbin

Clean the filter

Washing the Brush Bar/Beater Bar

Cleaning a Dyson vacuum can be difficult if you don’t have the proper materials.

Please Note: Dyson vacuum attachments are used for cleaning. These tools are not included with the vacuum. These tools need to be purchased separately.

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These materials include:

  • Waste bag/ Garbage Bag
  • Use a clean, dry cloth
  • Paper towel
  • Brush sweeper (for brush combinations that are not available in vacuum).
  • Solid plastic/coin card/screwdriver
  • All the tools and materials are available to start our method.
  • The Top 3 Cleaning Techniques for Dyson Vacuums
  • These are the steps you need to take to clean your Dyson vacuum.

Method # 1. Method # 1.

  • Click the red button.
  • Hold the vacuum bin instead of a garbage bag before pressing the red button
  • Press the button to release dust or other particles
  • You can negotiate with the bin to empty any waste.
  • Get rid of all the garbage.
  • Press the button once more to release the bin.
  • After it has been released, turn the vacuum clockwise to remove it.
  • You can use your inner waste to get rid of it.
  • Get rid of the rubbish.
  • Use a damp, clean cloth.

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Wipe the interior of the bin with a damp cloth.

Avoid detergents and soap.

Let the bin air dry.

Use a paper towel to dry the bin.

Place the towel on top of a table, and cover it with a piece of paper towel.

Before you start to tackle the cyclone, wait for the bin to dry.

Eliminate the vacuum.

Check the area between the vacuum and the bin for any dust particles.

Look for the brush included with your vacuum.

Use the brush to get rid of the dust.

Be sure to not strain the bristles.

Attach the bin.

Before you attach the bin to your cyclone, ensure that it is dry.

Locate the bin’s slit. Find the edge protruding from the front of the cyclone.

Align them. Align them.

The click signifies that your device has been locked and reattached.

Method 2. Method 2. Method 2.

Locate the filter to remove it.

Concentrate your attention on the dustbin area above the cyclone.

A lid is usually found on the top of your container. It can be either green, purple or blue.

The lid will have a stick-out label at the middle.

Pull the tag to remove the filter.

Turn off the vacuum valve.

Remove any larger caps (larger ones), located at the tip. This is not possible on all models. This feature is required on Dyson vacuums. To follow these tips, you will need to remove the filter.

If you don’t see the cap, flip the cap to the right.

Refer to the manual if you are having trouble loosening it.

You must clean your Dyson filters thoroughly.

To clean the filter, use cold water.

While you do this, remove any dirt and dust from the water.

Avoid detergents and soap.

Notice: Cap filters can be cleaned by placing them in warm water for 3 minutes or until dirt is gone.

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  • Allow the filter air dry.
  • It is important to find a dry, well-ventilated area in your home.
  • Cover the area with a piece of paper towel.
  • Place the filter on top.
  • Let it dry for 24 hours
  • The filter can be replaced or returned.
  • Place the filter in the cyclone after drying.
  • Place the caps back in place.
  • Reduce tension on the caps.
  • If the filter becomes too filthy, replace it.