Indoor VS Outdoor Storage

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By StevenGadson

Find out the key differences between indoor and outdoor storage so that you can make the best possible choice for your self storage needs.

Self storage is an exceptional service that is useful for both domestic and business users. Of course, as with most services, there are different types to consider. The main two types of self storage are indoor and outdoor and both have their own distinct differences. By considering both, you can ensure that you choose the best possible storage options for your needs. Let’s take a closer look:

Why Choose Self Storage At All?

Everybody has a need for cheap storage. It is exceptionally useful, providing all kinds of benefits to both business and domestic users including:

  • A cheaper alternative to an office or warehouse rental
  • Extra space for a home that’s not big enough
  • Seasonal storage
  • Garden storage
  • Storage for hobby items
  • Extra security for expensive belongings
  • Handy extra services like deliveries being taken

There are also so many additional benefits that are specific to individual scenarios. For example, when an estate is in dispute self storage can be really useful to keep items on neutral ground until the dispute is resolved. Or, if a startup requires storage without the cost of a warehouse or signing up to a long-term contract self storage can be the perfect solution. See this handy guide to self storage prices.

Outdoor & Indoor Storage Units And How They Differ

The main two types of self storage are indoor and outdoor units. Knowing their main differences is important so that you can choose the best option for your needs.


It’s Most Common In Cities

If you’re looking for self storage in London or another large city the chances are it will be indoor self storage unless it is on the outskirts of the city. The majority of outdoor self storage facilities will be in areas with more space.

Weather Is Not A Problem

Any extreme cold or warmth is not a problem with indoor self storage units. They are usually climate controlled and so items like vehicles, instruments and other belongings impacted by temperature will not fall prey to those issues. Outdoor storage units by comparison are usually never climate controlled.

The Bare Bones Are Better

Generally the bare bones of indoor self storage units are better because they are inside buildings and aren’t prone to issues like damp and rust, as outdoor self storage can be.

Generally, Security Is Better

With indoor units the security tends to be better because there are more barriers. There is likely to be a reception, several lock points, security cameras and gates. With outdoor storage there is likely to be a gate and locks on the units, but there may be several security factors lacking because of the style of the site.


You Can Usually Drive Right Up To It

With an outdoor storage unit you can usually drive right up to it which can be highly convenient. No long journeys through the building, or having to carry items a long way. This can be of real benefit if you’re moving belongings using a moving company as you won’t have to pay them to take items into the building.

It Can Be Made Of Anything

Outdoor self storage can be made of any material, but most often it is metal containers, like those you might see on a container ship. Those containers may well have issues with rust or damp because they are not insulated.

The Size Is Limited

Overall outdoor storage units are limited to the size shipping containers come in. In comparison, indoor units can vary from gym locker size, to sizes that can accommodate entire houses worth of contents and more. This can be limiting if you have a lot to store.

How To Choose The Right Unit For Your Needs

The fact is that it will take a little research to help you get the very best self storage unit for your needs. As a general rule, you should look at three different facilities so that you can make an informed choice. You’ll want to consider the following:

Outdoor Or Indoor

You need to consider whether or not the facility you want is going to be outdoors or indoors. If your items are very hardy, unaffected by temperature and aren’t extremely valuable, outside storage is likely to be a great choice. If you want more security, more storage size choice and more, indoor storage could be the right option for you.

Family Owned Or Big Brand

There are facilities that are run by large brands who have multiple units across the UK. There are also facilities that are much smaller and family run. Some people have a preference for one or the other and it is important to consider whether it matters to you before you choose a facility for your belongings.


Although tempting, it is important not to choose a self storage unit based on price alone. Cheapest doesn’t mean great value. Instead, look for a few places that offer you everything you need and then compare prices. You’ll get an idea of which services are worth paying more for, and which facilities are pretty expensive overall.


If you are a startup it is really important that you get a flexible contract that enables you to grow and shrink just like all new businesses do. Realistically, you should be able to get a month to month contract that also comes with lots of extras like your deliveries getting taken and carts and trolleys being available to borrow. In general, however you use the facility it is important to read the contract. These are your belongings so it is important to know how you are covered against theft, what might happen if you miss a payment and so on – this is not a contract to pass over without checking.

The most important thing to do is research so that your decision is informed. When it comes to spending any money at all, and using services to store your things, it pays to make a good decision, which means putting some time in to discover what is out there.

Will You Choose Indoor Or Outdoor Storage?

When it comes to the differences between indoor and outdoor storage the fact is that both are very useful and with the right research you will get a great storage space that offers you everything you need and more, all at a great price.