Perkins Menu is a well-known name in all-day breakfast franchises. This is partly because we have been around since 1958! We’ve been a family favourite for generations, and many families have made breakfast at our restaurants a family tradition. A great restaurant that offers breakfast every day. Below are just a few.

  • The Most Popular Meal of the Day 

The best reason to open a breakfast restaurant franchise is because breakfast is the most requested meal of the day. Our breakfast menu is responsible for the majority of our sales. Consumerist reports

A National Restaurant Association survey revealed that 70% of Americans want restaurants that serve breakfast all day. Younger adults also love to eat breakfast for dinner more than other age groups. However, major fast-food chains draw a clear line between their breakfast menus and lunch/dinner.

We are proud to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, but we have found that customers love our flexibility to allow them to choose from any menu. Perkins Menu is a favorite among families because everyone can order the breakfast item they like. Appealing to Gen Z and Millennials is a key perk as brands increasingly target them.

  • Higher Profit Margin

A great reason to open an all-day breakfast franchise is the lower cost of breakfast, which results in higher profit margins for franchisees. Perkins Menu franchisees as well as customers can benefit from this win-win situation, since breakfast items make up the majority our sales.

Perkins Menu will help you connect with strong vendors when you become a Perkins Menu partner. You can rest assured that you are getting the best deals on food and supplies to keep your restaurant in business throughout the year with our assistance.

A Standout Perkins Menu Among All-Day Breakfast Restaurant Franchises

Perkins Menu has many great reasons to be preferred over other competitors. One of these is the strength and reputation of our brand. Perkins Menu has built a strong reputation over the past 50 years, which is what our franchisees get from the moment that they open their doors.

Perkins Menu franchisees can also leverage multiple revenue streams unlike other breakfast franchises. Customers can stop by our bakeries to purchase fresh-baked pastries and pies. This makes us a popular stop for grocery shopping.

Perkins also offers a comprehensive training program and support to franchisees. We want to see you succeed and work hard to make sure you have every advantage.

For more information about the benefits of our all-day breakfast restaurant franchise, contact Perkins today!


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