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Do you need a Grandma to Celebrate Christmas?

TULSA, Craigslist okc. (CNN/KJRH — A post on Craigslist okc titled “Anybody want a grandma to celebrate Christmas?” Tulsa woman in despair listed the listing. She claimed that she doesn’t have any family and would love to be part of this holiday.

However, social media proved that the post was deleted after the woman received hateful comments. But, this hate fuels a love-filled hunt to find the woman to make Christmas memorable. It all began Wednesday night when Carson Carlock began to search the internet.

Carson stated, “I use craigslist okc free of charge quite often to look for stuff because sometimes people give stuff away for free.” His latest advertisement, which flashed across his screen at the moment, was not for sale. “I saw this post and thought it was really sad.

The title of the post was “Anybody Need a Grandma for Christmas?”. It continued with, “I cook, and will cook dinner and bring gifts for my kids.” It hurts to be left alone. The ad ends with the words “Let me become a part of you family.”

Carson felt a tug at his heart when he heard it, as if he was remembering his mother. “That was a very sad thing to read. My mom was home alone for her last Christmas.” Carson still thinks about it today. Gail, Carson’s mother, was diagnosed last year with stage four cancer.

Carson stated, “She attended church a lot.” “She loved her grandchildren.” Gail became quickly ill and was unable to travel to Oklahoma City from Tulsa during the holidays. Carson attempted to travel to his mother, but car problems prevented him from doing so.

“It wasn’t a good feeling to just know her and hear her voice on the phone. She’s like, ‘I’m all by myself’.” Carson will never forget that conversation. Carson is grateful for the memories of his mother, who he lost last year. “She would like me to be the type of person who does this for others.”

Unusual Craigslist OKC Post

An unusual craigslist okc post, “Grandma For Christmas,” seemed like a great opportunity to remember Carson’s mother and spread some holiday cheer. But he was too afraid to reach out and saw the post rife with hate.

Carson stated that “a lot of people started to send her hateful messages.” “I can understand that everyone should be cautious about it, because there are so many bad things going on in the world.”

Posts accused the grandmother of being ill-informed and using the ad as a way to exploit families who would welcome her into their homes. After receiving negative feedback, the woman claimed she was just looking to be part of a family and posted an update. She thanked everyone who had given her the “extra shot to pain.” The post was later deleted.

Carson made the decision to take action. He said, “I don’t want anyone to feel that way.” Carson created his own craigslist OKC, asking “grandma in need of a family” to help him make her a Christmas special. He said, “I posted it and it kinda went viral.”

Overnight, two-thousand people shared the post on Facebook. Many thousands of people came together to defend the grandmother and welcome her to their homes. Carson stated, “I just want to let you know that you’re not alone.” Reach out if you want to be part of a Christmas family.

Carson stated that he had contacted Carrie, the “grandma”, via email. She is reluctant to contact anyone about Christmas because of the negative feedback. Take a look at “Missed Connections” on craigslist OKC

We like to dip into the “Missed Connections” section of Craigslist every now and again. This is because nothing makes our lives better than being able to share the pain and loneliness of others. Here are some of my recent favorites. We are here: You asked

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