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Chrollo Lucilfer is a young black man with grey eyes and dark hair. His distinctive features include a cross-shaped tattoo on the forehead and a pair orb-shaped earrings. His dark purple coat is unbuttoned, and he often wears it. The back of the coat bears a gold St. Peter’s Cross.

Before the founding of the Phantom Troupe Chrollo Lucilfer didn’t wear his signature coat or combed his hair. He wore a blue jacket with his hair down and his cross tattoo concealed beneath thick layers of wrappings when he approached Neon Nostrade in order to steal her Nen ability. The 1999 anime adaptation of the manga revealed that his spider tattoo was on his right arm.

Chrollo is calm and intelligent. He also has charismatic qualities. He is an excellent strategist and is very confident in his own fighting skills as well as those of the Spider’s other members. Hisoka was unable to defeat him because he always had at least two people around him. Chrollo then sells all the items he acquired and admired. Chrollo Lucilfer also likes antique books.

He is unflinching, steady and unshakeable. Chrollo was provoked by Gon’s hostility to the Troupe to reflect on his nature and actions. Chrollo also expressed fascination for the inner workings human beings when fighting Hisoka. He refused to give up even after seeing his capabilities. He claims that he doesn’t see any difference between a puppet or a person.

Chrollo doesn’t fear his death. He even anticipates it. Melody said that Chrollo’s heartbeat was so clear it sounded like he was content living with death. Chrollo Lucilfer believes that the Troupe is more important to him than his own life. The survival of the group is more important than the well-being and health of the leader. He also stressed that the head of Spider is only one limb that can be sacrificed to ensure the survival of all. To prevent them from having a bad outcome, Chrollo instructed Troupe members not to get too close to one another and to help each other. Chrollo Lucilfer doesn’t seem to care much about his Troupe friends. He cries for Uvogin when he sees the fortune that Neon has written. He later orchestrates the murder of Mafia members to pay respects to his fallen friend. Chrollo Lucilfer is visibly upset and furious after the deaths of Shalnark and Kortopi at the hands Hisoka and vows to kill him as soon he sees.

Chrollo Lucilfer Attitude around Neon has changed

As the Troupe members, Chrollo is cold-blooded. He is not above inhumane mass murder, as he and his accomplices brutally murdered the Kurta Clan. His use of Indoor Fish as an assassin is another sign of his indifference to his enemies. Also, there is an implied hostility between Silva Zoldyck and Chrollo. This may be due to their previous encounter following Silva’s death of a Troupe member.

Chrollo is an actor who can manipulate. He was shown this when he “befriended”, Neon Nostrade to steal her fortune-telling abilities. He was a friendly, helpful, enthusiastic, and smiley man who displayed curiosity. Chrollo was only interested in learning about Neon’s ability fulfill one condition to steal it.

There is very little information about Chrollo’s history, except that he was born in Meteor City. This junkyard city was home to outcasts. The existence of the city and the names of those who lived there are not documented in any official records. He formed the Phantom Troupe along with six Meteor City residents sometime in the past. Although it is not known when or what the circumstances were, Chrollo had previously fought Silva Zoldyck prior to their encounter at the Cemetery Building.

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