Coleman Travel Grill: Roadtrip LXE model

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By StevenGadson

For a few years, we have been using the Coleman Travel Grill Roadtrip LXE Grill. Since we only grill occasionally, we don’t need an outside grill. The Coleman grill is portable, which makes it very useful. It can be used, folded and stored (after cleaning), then wheeled out as necessary. It takes up very little space making it perfect for tailgating and camping.

These are my top 5 RoadTrip Coleman Travel Grill LXE favorites

For cooking different foods and/or styles, you can use an interchangeable stove, grill or griddle.

The Coleman Travel Grill LXE is advertised as a portable grill but it’s actually quite large. The cooking surface is 285 square inches. It’s about the same size as an indoor stovetop. Depending on the setting, it can cook continuously for between 2 and 4 hours. To cook more, we keep an extra propane cylinder.

It’s still very portable as you can tow it around on wheels to wherever you need it. You can pull it up stairs with its two handles. You don’t need to lift it to set it up. This is great news for small girls like me. This grill was easy to take to the beach.

Because we have a tabletop barbecue, I find portability of a grill important. Although it was convenient for storage, it was difficult to move around. The Coleman Roadtrip Grill LXE has never presented me with this problem.

The Coleman Travel Grill’s mobility is great. But what I really like about it? Sometimes I don’t feel like grilling food when we go camping or at the beach. I sometimes bring a pot butternut squash soup to heat. You can easily do this on the Coleman Roadtrip grill. I switch one burner into stove top mode (attachment available separately) and cook something else on the second. That something else doesn’t necessarily have to be a barbecue. You can also use a girdle (attachment available separately). This allows me to cook grilled cheese sandwiches or pancakes. This flexibility is great because I am usually the one who cooks during these times.

Friends and family have been asking me lately if I would recommend the Coleman Roadtrip LXE Grill to them if they wanted to purchase a new one. Based on my pleasant personality, I always say “Yes.”

However, I discovered that Coleman Travel Grill NXT 200 is a newer model. This one has 321 square inches of cooking space. You might also consider that one.

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