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By StevenGadson

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Concentra Urgent Care, the nation’s leading provider of occupational healthcare and telemedicine services, has chosen the eVisit Virtual Care platform as its telemedicine platform. Its industry-leading 24/7/365 Concentra Urgent Care Telemed(r), and Concentra Urgent Care Telerehab offer, which conducts more than 8,000 virtual visits per month, is powered by the eVisit Virtual Care platform. Concentra CareTelemed was launched in June 2017 and has been providing critical access to healthcare for both employers and employees who are injured or ill.

Concentra Urgent Care Works

Concentra, which is a division within Select Medical and based in Addison Texas, focuses on improving America’s workforce health one patient at a time. Concentra Urgent Care has more than 11,000 colleagues who provide occupational medicine, physical therapy and wellness care in 517 medical centres. There are also 150 clinics at customer sites that deliver care to over 50,000 patients each day. Concentra Urgent Care works with organisations from diverse industries and regions, with employees of all sizes.

Telemedicine is now more important than ever, and it was a huge benefit during the pandemic. Ann Schnure, Vice President of Telemedicine at Concentra, stated that telemedicine will be an important tool for companies as it provides an additional point of care that can improve clinical outcomes and reduce the time to work injury cases. Our workflow is based upon evidence-based clinical guidelines. It ensures continuity of care through the use of the same electronic medical records and practice models regardless of access points. We are extremely proud of the virtual clinical workflows we were able to build with eVisit. We chose eVisit not only for its innovative approach, but also because of the tangible benefits it offers such as an intuitive user interface, flexible workflows, sophisticated analytics, and reporting capabilities.

eVisit’s virtual care platform is unique in telehealth because of its flexible workflows that support all specialties, and the end-to-end technology which fully virtualizes every stage of the care process. These activities include scheduling, intake, waiting room management, virtual visits, payment, and discharge. All of this is supported by government-grade security, seamless EHR Integration, leading analytics, and reporting. eVisit, the only enterprise-grade platform for virtual care, is partnering with some of the most prominent U.S. health systems and provider groups to help them accelerate their virtual care strategy. This will make healthcare more accessible to all.

Concentra Urgent Care

Bret Larsen (co-founder and CEO at eVisit) said, “We are thrilled that we are working with an industry leader like Concentra Urgent Care” We believe virtual care is healthcare. It’s a game-changer that can be used by all healthcare organizations, whether they are a hospital, health system or occupational health leader like Concentra. We look forward to building a lasting relationship with you as trusted partners who share the same core value of innovation in this fast-moving sector.

You can learn more about Concentra’s complex and unique clinical workflows by watching a Thought Leadership webinar with Schnure or Larsen.

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