Taco Bueno: Celebrates 52 Years

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By StevenGadson

DALLAS, August 12, 2019, /PRNewswire/ — Taco Bueno will be celebrating 52 years of providing delicious, authentic Mexican-inspired classics. This summer, Taco Bueno will double down on quality and make-by-hand preparation. We saw a great opportunity to bring authentic Tex-Mex food back into the mainstream when we bought the Taco Bueno brand in the spring. The entire menu was updated to use fresher ingredients, better quality ingredients, and original recipes that were created in 1967. It’s a difference that you can smell, feel, and most importantly taste,” stated Guillermo Perales (CEO and President of Sun Holdings Inc.), which is the owner of Taco Bueno and has recently opened its 1,000th location. This makes Sun Holdings Inc. the third-largest franchise group in the country. Perales didn’t disclose exact financial numbers behind the Taco Bueno shift, but estimates that the amount of re-investment was millions of dollars.

Original Taco Bueno Queso recipe

Other chains in this category are trying to reduce food costs and increase their menus by adding cross-over LTOs or fusion options, but will continue to invest in high-quality proteins such as fresh-never frozen ground beef, chicken, and brisket. They also make salsas, guacamole and beans fresh from scratch every day. Every day, the brand fries tortilla chips and taco shells at restaurants. The original Taco Bueno Queso recipe and Coca-Cola(r), products are two exciting additions to the menu. These are top requests from Taco Bueno lovers. As hand-prepared preparation becomes increasingly scarce in quick-service markets, the brand’s commitment to making-in-house preparation is a strategic move.

Plein Air, a Dallas-based creative and media agency, was hired by the brand to highlight the new menu and the renewed emphasis on quality flavor. As seen in the latest ad campaign, the agency handles the brand’s creative development as well as media purchasing. The Taco brand gets a fresh new look in the campaign. It shows hand-prepared food prepared in real food kitchens, while Mariachi musicians sing praises for the fresh salsa and tender grilled steak. To reinforce the fact that Taco Bueno makes food from love and care, the ads end with the tagline “It’s Tex-Mex Mi Amor” – a nod back to how it opened 52 years ago and a promise of the brand’s future.

Paul McEnany, CEO of Plein Air, the creative agency that partners with Taco Bueno, said, “Today’s restaurant customers are realizing the classic way to do things simply tastes better.” It is a message that everyone who loves Tex-Mex food should hear – that Taco Bueno has returned to making great food the right manner. Perales, who is responsible for the brand’s marketing, agreed. He says, “At Taco Bueno we wanted to return to our roots.” We chop vegetables daily to make our salsas and sauces. Our guacamole is made in small batches, and we make it from scratch every day. Because we simmer our beans from whole pintos, and then refry them for 35hrs, they are very popular. Our 100 percent fresh ground beef is sauteed to ensure it retains its juicy flavor. We also make tacos, burritos and other menu items according to your preferences.

Perales said, “To make it 52 year in this business quality has to be part of every guest experience — regardless of whether they choose from our Bueno under a Buck menu, or any of our tacos or burritos or platters. We invite all Tex-Mex fans to enjoy their favorite flavors, knowing that they are getting great taste and unbeatable value.

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