Noriaki “Kakyoin”

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Noriaki Kakyoin Appearance

Noriaki Kakyoin, a young man with average height and a slim build, is of average to above-average stature. He wears a formal, long-length, trench-coat-length green gakuran/tsume eriW, with gold accents, and the typical Japanese high school attire. During his first encounter with Death Thirteen, he is seen wearing striped pajamas. The anime shows him wearing the pajamas while he is admitted to the hospital. He also has bandages around his eyes. He wears black sunglasses to cover his twin scars after he is back with the rest of the group. Cherry earrings are his favorite accessory.

Kakyoin’s red hair is styled in a bun, with his bang hanging down to his side. Strangely, his bang’s position changes depending on which way he is facing.

He is charming and has attracted the attention of many women. Jotaro has received compliments from his admirers. During the Tower of Gray encounter, Jotaro wooed two female stewardesses. A man tried to sell him a tattoo also called him beautiful when he arrived in India.

  • Later, Noriaki Kaitoin develops two vertical scars that cross both his eyes. He often conceals them with dark sunglasses.
  • He is seen wearing a light pink uniform and light pink hair in his Jojonium character cover.

Noriaki Kakyoin Personality

DIO’s brainwashing first introduces Noriaki Noriaki Kaitoin as a cruel and evil teenager. He then remorselessly targets unrelated civilians, adopting a might makes right mentality. He is a self-effacing, but shrewd, individual. Noriaki Kakyoin is ruthless and loyal with his enemies, but brutally cruel towards his friends. Jotaro, their first encounter, the Tower of Grey stewardesses, and the homeless during his encounter with J. Geil show that he has a manipulative charisma. His mother recalls that he was disassociated from his peers and turned away all who tried to approach him. He was unable to see the big picture and felt that no one could understand him. This led to a lonely childhood, which he later became depressed and cold.

He joined the Joestar Group to fight evil. His explanations are similar to Jotaro’s. And he also feels a debt towards Jotaro for saving him. Noriaki Noriaki Kaikyoin, a brave individual who willingly took part in the dangerous journey to Egypt and can keep his nerves in even the most dire situations, such as being punched through by The World.

He describes having bizarre habits on the trip, such as licking cherries before eating them, and sunbathing under his school uniform before getting rid of Joseph and Avdol’s skepticality.

Kakyoin can be described as “the honor-student type” and is therefore haughty, introverted, and a bit arrogant. Noriaki Kakyoin, while he is polite and formal in his behavior, is cold and proud. Araki describes Kakyoin’s character as effeminate. He speaks in a softened Japanese dialect and uses feminine diction in manga. He is known for being stern and blunt. He doesn’t like to bow down or be kissed up to others. He was humiliated by having to bow to DIO. This is why he sought revenge and redemption during Stardust Crusaders.

As reconciliation, Elbowing Polnareff

He believes only respected people are capable of being friends with him. The Joestar Group is his only group to which he has attached himself. However, he feels a strong attachment for them. Araki mentions that, if it wasn’t for their Stands, Noriaki Kakyoin would not have been friends with Jotaro. Kakyoin has been able to be more friendly with Polnareff. However, he can still be brutal and vindictive. He even pushed Polnareff in his face as a “reconciliation”. His attitudes towards his enemies are much worse. He often threatens and belittles them and is extremely ruthless during fights. Noriaki Kakyoin, both as an antagonist and as a hero, is especially violent. He remorselessly murders all of his enemies (ripping Tower of Gray with no qualms, arguing that they are evil beyond redemption); furthermore, he brutally takes revenge against Mannish Boy by making him eat excrement out of a diaper, which was the first and only occasion he had taken exception to.

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