Craigslist Tulsa: Circulating on social media

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A listing on craigslist tulsa circulating social media requests that minor actors or actresses hold signs at an event taking place in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 20.

The ad does not mention Trump but the map shows the location of BOK Center, where Trump’s Tulsa rally will be taking place. June 20 is the date of the rally.

The post’s shares suggest that the ad seeks people to either attend the rally or protest outside. The ad does not specify.

Politifact claims that the original ad was posted to Facebook but was flagged by Facebook as part of its efforts to combat misinformation and fake news. Politifact stated that the ad has been removed from Craigslist.

Politifact stated in November that a similar craigslist listing tulsa was removed for an event at Phoenix Convention Center. Politifact claimed that another ad was posted seeking actors for the Tulsa rally in 2017.

Politifact stated that the latest craigslist Tusa follows the same pattern as the ones before it, which has been proven false.

According to craigslist, tulsa, community service may be applied for by those who attend the event. Tulsa County stated on Facebook that the information about community service in the ad was false.

Craigslist Tulsa Man Arrested in Alleged Craigslist Robbery

Tulsa Police have arrested a man who they claim used a craigslist-tulsa advertisement in order to commit a robbery. Aaron Travon Sloan, a suspect in a robbery using a dangerous weapon, is currently being held at the craigslist Tulsa County Jail.

Sloan, 20 years old, advertised a 2003 Cadillac on Craigslist for $3,500 cash. He met a potential buyer Saturday afternoon at Canyon Creek Apartments, 2100 Block East 51st Street.

Police claim that the victim purchased the car after taking it for a test drive. The victim was then approached by a man in a mask and holding a gun.

According to an arrest report, the victim ran away from the robber without giving him any money. The victim called police, and the officer said Sloan fled with him.

According to police, Sloan also called police to report that someone pointed a gun at Sloan and attempted to steal his vehicle. However, he didn’t want to see a police officer. According to records, he then called back to say he wanted to speak to police.

Based on victim identification, officers met Sloan at the apartment complex’s parking lot and took him into custody. According to police, Sloan was not cooperative and lied about Canyon Creek with whom he was staying. According to police, Sloan’s stay with the man at Canyon Creek matched the description for an armed robber.

  • Police are believed to be still searching for the second man.
  • Craigslist Post: Tulsa Murderer; Police Investigating
  • Divorce for Craigslist Tulsa (OK)

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