Get “Shoot Straight” 2022

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By StevenGadson

The annual Shoot Straight Men’s Retreat was a great success! They say experience is the greatest teacher. We couldn’t agree more when it comes improving this retreat each year.

Trenty-nine men, and young men (8+), came together for a weekend of shooting bows and arrows. They also enjoyed walking in the woods with the Benham Brothers and were encouraged by them. Shooting bows was a fun experience for all men, regardless of their level of proficiency. Some admitted to sore muscles at the end.

The event began with dart throwing for young men and hatchet throw for grown men. Although hitting the target is not as easy as you might think, they had a great time trying.

Shoot Straight

The guys were then given tickets to enter the giveaways that were being held throughout the weekend. Shoot Straight! There is nothing like the excitement of hearing the numbers called out and seeing them match up on the ticket. Your heartbeat will quicken when you find your number. .

The Benham Brothers offered encouragement and support throughout the weekend. They encouraged both young and old to walk in godly manhood by sharing their experiences and walking with the Lord.

After a delicious and hearty breakfast on Saturday, the men headed out to the field to shoot their bows. There were some guys who were hunting-level, meaning they hit the bullseye a lot! There were Shoot Straight guys who hadn’t shot since last years retreat and others who had never shot a bow. After lunch, everyone was divided into teams and the tournament started. The majority of the 3D targets are scattered throughout the woods surrounding our paintball course. A few can be found out in the open outside. It’s fun to hike around the property and shoot straight at the 20 target locations.

The guys mentioned how Shoot Straight liked the intimate atmosphere and getting to know each other at the retreat. They were able to relax a little more by not feeling overwhelmed by the crowd, which is what makes such a weekend so special.

If you like what’s been shown and would like to Shoot Straight to be a part of next year’s retreat on October 4-6 2021, please plan to attend! We would love for you to be part of the escape from the noise and hear God’s whisper in Whisper Mountain Camp’s woods.

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