Electrician Training for “Domestic Electrician Course”

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Course description

This package of learning is perfect for those who want to be an Electrician, but are concerned that their first access to work will be primarily domestic. This package works two fold as it meets the criteria of Domestic garden swing Installer scheme registration for the purposes of domestic electrician course but equally, gives you the grounding you need if you want to work in commercial/industrial settings or move on to C&G 2365 level 3 electrical course or eventually move on to level 3 NVQ.

What you’ll learn

C&G 2365 Level 2 Electrical Course is an industry-recognized route for those who are looking to become Electricians. The Level 2 course in electrical engineering is designed to help you develop the knowledge, skills and science necessary for installing electrical equipment. As the course progresses, you will also learn the theory behind Electrics. This course will provide an understanding of Health & Safety requirements for electrical installations, as well as knowledge about the structure and organisation of the electrical industry in which these activities are performed.

C&G 2382 Domestic Electrician Course. This 3 Day Electrical Training Course will teach you the requirements for BS7671 domestic electrician training.

TheC&G 2391-50Inspection & Testing electrical course will allow you to understand the principles and practices of the initial inspection and testing of electrical installations in accordance with regulations and requirements. This qualification shows the expertise and skills required to design and install systems, test installations, and issue safety certificates.

What will you learn in a domestic electrician course?

There are three electrical qualifications. They include both classroom-based and practical workshops.

We will give you the C&G 2365 Level 2 Electrical Course textbook, handouts and a CK Tool-kit for the practical aspects of the course. *

You will be able to take the online exams in our computer suite. Our practical training bays have training boards that exceed City & Guilds requirements. We also have all the tools and materials you need for your electrical needs.

We have a high pass rate for the C&G 2382 (18thEdition), electrical course and years of experience in delivery. This course is 3 days long and includes an online exam.

You will receive theory tuition, take an online exam (both open book), and complete a practical assessment for the C&G 2391-50 (Inspection & Testing Initial Verification).

Additional Information

Domestic Installer Programs are designed to help domestic electricians comply with PartP of the Building Regulations, which garden shredder establishes safety standards for electrical installations in domestic properties. These schemes are for domestic electricians who only want to register domestic course installation work according to the Building Regulations. These schemes include:

Inspection and testing

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