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Losing a loved one can cause you to have many unanswered questions, anxiety, and grief that make it difficult to deal with. Slate Funeral Home’s experienced funeral directors will help you navigate the details of the funeral with compassion, dignity, and respect. The dedicated staff at Slate Funeral Home is here to help you make funeral service arrangements. Slate Funeral Home’s funeral directors can help youa choose the right casket or funeral flowers for your family.

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My family and I have always loved Mr Grabbs. We offer our deepest condolences to the Grabbs family. Keep in mind his generosity to the community, and the kindness he showed to those like us with names he didn’t know but who he considered friends.

Slate Funeral Home Inc can be found in King, NC, United States. It is part of the Death Care Services Industry. Slate Funeral Home Inc employs 9 people in all its locations. It generates $141,823 (USD) in sales. (Employees are modeled)Price list

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Funeral homes will arrange funeral services according to the wishes of the surviving family members, including immediate next of kin and executors as specified in legal wills. Funeral homes often handle the paperwork and permits necessary, including making arrangements with the cemetery and providing obituaries for the media. The history of funeral services dates back to ancient Egypt, who were the first to master the science of preservation. Many funeral homes now post obituaries online. They also use material from families to create memorial websites. 

North America has a few common fur chair types of funeral services. Traditional funeral services include a viewing, a funeral in a chapel or place of worship and a graveside service. Direct cremation involves the funeral home receiving the deceased, prepping it for cremation and filing all necessary paperwork. Direct/immediate burial refers to the forgoing of a funeral service in favor of a quick, simple burial. The process of moving a body from one mortuary to another involves packing it in a coffin and strapping it into an arbitrary, or combination unit (macpac / airtray). This is often done when the body is to be buried somewhere else than the place where it was buried. 

Sometimes, embalming is used to prolong the decomposition of a body or make viewing it more enjoyable. This involves the removal of sufficient blood to allow for the dyes and preservatives, as well as the aspiration of the internal organs and the setting up the facial features. To enhance the natural appearance of the face and hands, cosmetics can be used only with the consent of the family. The embalmer can use restorative techniques to restore the appearance of the hands or face after an accident, illness, or other decomposition. The funeral home may perform a “closed-casket” service if this is not possible or the family prefers. 

A funeral home may have one or more large spaces for visitors to use at a visitation. Visitors who wish to pay their respects may find this area to place the body in a casket. The funeral home may also offer memorial and funeral services. Prearrangement is an option offered by many funeral homes for those who want to arrange their own funerals.

High-profile lawsuits have exposed several large multinational corporations operating in this field.  In Mississippi, the Loewen Group, Inc. received a large jury verdict. However, it was later determined that the jury verdict was in error as the Loewen Group’s allegations were false. Canadian-based company filed suit against the United States claiming violations of NAFTA.

Houston-based Service Corporation International has had its fair share of legal problems in the operation of cemeteries and funeral homes. SCI and Eden Memorial Park were sued in a class action lawsuit in 2009. This was based on claims that remains had been moved to make room for future burials. In 2014, a settlement was reached for $80 million.

We appreciate you visiting our website. We hope that you find our website helpful and informative as you deal with the passing of a loved-one or plan for the future by pre-arrangement planning. Dafford Funeral Home, Inc. has been serving the community for more than seventy years. We are proud to be a family-owned and operated business. Walter D. Dafford Jr., our founder, wrote the motto “Our Aim Is to Be Worthy Of Your Trust”. It is something we take seriously and hold dear. We are glad to be able to help you and your family.

Dafford Funeral Home, Inc., was established on August 11, 1946 at a renovated house on East Cumberland Street, Dunn, NC. In 1949, the business moved to 707 East Edgerton Street. In 1972 and 1992, Dunn, NC were remodeled with an emphasis on comfort and accessibility for clients and visitors. The original location in Angier was located in a converted store on Highway 55 East at Church Street. It was named Dafford Memorial Chapel. The facility is at 50 Tippet Road, Angier, NC.Three generations of the Dafford Family have passed on the funeral business. We are proud to provide professional, compassionate, dignified and professional service. We are proud to be a part of a family tradition. Each of us strives for the best possible service by combining the visions and ideals of the past with the hopes and dreams of the future.

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