Essential Sales Tips For Real Estate Agents

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By StevenGadson

Every real estate agent who wants to be a big player in the real estate industry must set a goal to reach the top. There are many obstacles and challenges along the way. However, most agents have an agent mentor who can help them through these hurdles. Agents need to be aware that this is only one part of the overall picture to grow their career and help propel their business forward. Petty Real Serving houses for sale barnoldswick for 95 years , with more than 40 highly experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff members.

  1. Do not sell

An agent’s job in real estate is to help people, not sell. Our job is to coach and facilitate our clients. If someone feels that they were “sold”, they will likely resent the salesperson. Instead, offer advice, educate, and keep clients focused on what they have described. This puts the client’s needs before the needs and desires of the agent.

  1. Value Creation

My greatest piece of advice in my career was to create value. Trust is created when we are focused on creating value for others. Trust has been my greatest asset.

  1. Do your best and be honest

My mother, who started our company in 1980, taught me that honesty and hard work are the keys to success. Your reputation is your greatest asset in real estate.

  1. You have multiple options

Trust your advisor. You can help a potential client choose the right option. While we may lose sales if the solution we offer isn’t right for someone, the trust that we build with people through honesty generates greater long-term value than any one sale.

  1. Be human

The majority of agent training in sales involves getting the prospect to do what you want. Get the sale. It’s not all about that. Our ultimate responsibility as fiduciaries is to serve our client. It shows that we are focused on our goals and not theirs when we enter.

  1. You can do whatever you want

Have an “I don’t care” attitude. A Little League coach gave this advice. Because I couldn’t decide if the pitch was a strike or ball, I was having trouble hitting the pitch. He advised me to adopt a mindset of “I don’t care what the pitcher throws –I’m hitting it!” This advice also applies to sales.

  1. Strive to Create Equity

Renting does not create equity. Property ownership does. You can also borrow against your real property to help grow other businesses. At the age of 19, I bought my first piece of real estate. It was used to expand education, training and non-profit businesses around the world.

  1. Be obsessed or be average

Obsessive. This is it. Be obsessed with selling your product or service to your clients. Obsessive about providing the best service possible. Obsessive about solving their problems and growing your company. Salespeople lack clarity and obsession. I can’t find one great salesperson who isn’t obsessed.

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