Fire Curtain Maintenance

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By StevenGadson

Fire curtains, like all fire protection systems must be tested and maintained regularly to ensure they are safe from harm. The A1S Group are firmly established as a leading manufacturer supplier, installer and distributor of smoke and fire curtain along with fire shutters, industrial shutters. We have trusted partners throughout the UK and globally, and install our entire range across the United Kingdom.

These inspections can be done by a competent engineer, which is recommended twice annually. A number of tests will be performed to make sure the curtain is safe in an emergency.

You have many options when installing a fire curtains. Here are some things you should avoid and others you must do in order to protect your surroundings.


First, make sure the area under the curtain is clear. You must remove any items that are placed underneath the curtains, such as tables, bins and chairs. Also, ensure that curtains reach the ceiling and do not touch the floor. Fire curtains can be hindered from performing their task efficiently, and may require costly repairs.


Fire curtains should be checked every week after they have been installed to ensure that they work properly. To ensure compliance with fire regulations and building codes, you should include the operation of the curtains in your fire drills. You should also check your curtains at least once every six months with a competent company.

Keep an eye out for wear and tear

As an extra safety precaution, you should inspect your fire curtain system for signs of wear as you go through the testing phase. If not checked regularly, fire curtains can become damaged, torn, or have blockages that prevent them from performing to their full potential. To ensure that curtains work properly, a thorough inspection is required.

Register Your Findings

Keep track of all inspections, maintenance and findings so that you don’t forget. It is important to record dates, times, and the results of any inspections. Also, it is important to document any potential hazards or damages that may be discovered, along with steps to correct them.


Your building’s life support system is a vital part of the fire and smoke curtains. Coopers Fire offers the services you need to keep your property safe from smoke and fire. You can rest assured that your curtains will be performed to a high standard, and that there won’t be any costly damages.

Did you know that Coopers Fire service engineers have been independently certified and approved to handle the servicing of smoke and fire control curtains? Our knowledge runs deep. Preventative maintenance visits will be scheduled every six months to ensure compliance of insurance requirements, British Standards, and fire regulations. We will inspect your system for functionality and operational performance.


Coopers Connect gives you peace of mind knowing that your smoke curtains and fires are being monitored 24 hours a days for any problems. Our system uses state-of-the-art technology to remotely check and resolve problems. Then, we send engineers to fix any other issues.

Coopers Connect is installed and programmed to interact with Coopers Fire’s web portal. This allows for secure access to the status data, as well as interaction with the smoke curtain control panel or fire.

  • System issues immediately notified via email
  • Global monitoring and reporting available 24 hours a day
  • Service costs can be reduced by avoiding unnecessary calls
  • Increases safety; minimises system downtime
  • Improved first-time fix, reduces user end disruption
  • Improved life cycle management through the use of historical data
  • Fire protection is a leader

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