How To Hire A Home Security Systems Company: 10 Factors To Consider

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By StevenGadson

Not all home security system companies are created equal. They all have different products that satisfy different niches. They come at different costs. They even operate at different levels of professionalism. In short, there is a whole lot to think about when hiring them.

But whether this variety excites you due to the diversity of options you have, or frustrates you for the same reason, if you want to get a home security system installed, then you will need to hire them whether you like it or not. And given that, it pays to know what to think about them.

When it comes to these kinds of businesses, most people have incorrect instincts. They are not sure what to value and what to consider normal. So, we are here to put false impressions to rest and tell you the 10 things to consider when hiring a home security system company.

Look at Their Track Record

This is one of the most obvious courses of action when you are hiring any service. When something goes wrong, are they responsive? If your security system is not working, are they helpful or obtrusive? Some companies will be obtrusive on purpose to shield themselves.

The more a company helps, the more of a case you have that they are liable for damages should you decide to sue. This rarely happens, but the threat of it is enough to cause some companies to focus on not helping rather than helping, so pay attention to that.

How do Security Experts Evaluate the Company?

Even if a company is horribly obtrusive when it comes to troubleshooting, they might be worth trying if their products are considered high-end by security experts. In general, most security experts are pretty good at remaining impartial about which products they review well.

Just be sure that they are evaluating the product from a point of view that benefits you.

Is the Security Service Constant?

If a security service plans to cut corners, this is the most common method of doing so. Whether it is during the day or during the night, some really sketchy security services will basically have an “updating” or “idle” period during which time an alarm cannot be activated.

This saves them money, but it can put you at risk. Most companies do not do this at all, so watch out for the ones that do.

Does the Service Offer Other Products?

While this is more of a nice treat than a necessity, many people find themselves upgrading their security service once they have a service that they like. You can think of this as a nice last step to getting a good security service, as it is not necessary, but still valuable.

Does the Service Focus on Homes or Businesses?

In contrast, this should be one of the first questions you ask. Home security services need to be ready to adapt to changes in security protocols on a moment’s notice. They also need to be far more intuitive than security for a business, as so many businesses have security staff.

Security for businesses also needs certain legal assurances in writing. So, there is a lot to consider in this simple question alone. Luckily, much of it can be covered just by finding out what your service’s specialty is.

Does the Service Provide Advice?

Similar to providing good trouble shooting, a service might forgo advice on how to install or manage your security system due to the liability involved in it. However, good advice on how security systems is absolutely something you are likely to need out of a security service.

So, while it is not mission critical that a security service provide you advice, you will find it to be pretty obtrusive if they refuse to do so.

Does the Service Provide Real Time Monitoring?

One of the most user-friendly advancements to come out of the security revolution of the last few years has been the ability to monitor your home remotely through a phone app. It is fast, easy, and gives you lots of peace of mind. Not all security services provide this though.

The honest reason is that it is not perfectly necessary. But it can be quite helpful for making you feel better about your home security, and many people get security for exactly that reason. So, it might be a deal breaker for you in particular.

What are the Service’s Guarantees?

Due to the liability issues we mentioned several times already, not all companies make guarantees. Ideally, however, a company would have a money-back guarantee. Since your money is the main thing they get out of the interaction, this shows they are confident.

How are the Service’s Reviews?

This can mean a lot more than you think. It is easy to write off reviews as the ramblings of laymen. But remember, you are probably a layman in security yourself. And just because a review is not perfectly articulate or friendly, that does not mean that it is wrong.

Reviews are your main way of knowing if a company is, after so many positive signals, actually terrible to work with.

Does the Service’s Marketing Focus on Security?

You would be surprised how many people get a lesser product simply because they got an alarm system from a company that made no promises about security. This essentially boils down to the ever-important question of liability: A company is actually not liable for your perception of what they do. So, as long as they do not lie, they can give a false impression.

In short, they might make themselves look and sound like a security company, but if they carefully avoid promising you that their products will protect you, then watch out.


These are just some of the things you should consider. But do not be afraid to think of your own criteria for judging security companies. You are trusting them with a lot, after all.