HAPPY fashion Wednesday! I was in St. Louis a few weeks back when Lacy Coe opened and I fell in love. LOVE. This sherpa jacket is my favorite. They are everywhere in stores and on the internet. These jackets are so soft and fluffy that I’m obsessed. They can be worn with almost any outfit and they’re also extremely warm. It’s getting colder here, and I don’t like to sacrifice style for warmth. This style won’t go out of fashion quickly, so you’ll be able to wear it over and over again.


Because it’s so puffy, I prefer to wear slimmer sweaters or fitted shirts with my jacket. It can be worn with a heavier sweater but it makes me feel bulky. In this particular outfit, I wore my black turtleneck with black boyfriend jeans and black boots. Black booties complemented my turtleneck perfectly, and the boyfriend jeans made the outfit more casual and suitable for a day at the park.

This sherpa jacket was also worn with my favorite mustard-colored sweater (you can view it here), flare jeans, and my snakeskin boots! This was a great look and I received tons of compliments when it was worn this way. The sweater isn’t thick and I did a half-tuck to give it structure. The flare jeans that I paired it with were tailored to my knees, which added structure to the bottom of the outfit.

This is my third favorite way to wear it. It was perfect with the dress I wore to church on Sunday. It is a maroon long-sleeved dress with a fitted hem that reaches my knees. It was paired with cute booties and the sherpa jacket. Bold gold jewelry was a great choice as it complemented the plain dress.

This jacket is versatile. It can be worn with casual outfits, more formal brunch outfits, or with a fitted dress. This jacket is versatile and a favorite in my wardrobe. The exact sherpa jacket that I am wearing can be found HERE. Unfortunately, it is currently out of stock in small.

Are you on the sherpa jacket bandwagon? What are your thoughts? It is a jacket I love and will continue to wear until it breaks. It can be worn in the fall, and will still work well into winter.


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