Six Tips to Help You Choose the Right Wicker Rocking Chair for Your Patio

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By StevenGadson

There are many difficult decisions that we face from time to time. But don’t let choosing a rocking chair be one. These tips will help you identify whether or not a rocker is right for you. You will be able to choose the right rocking chair for you and your family, and you’ll live happily for many years. Wicker Warehouse Rattan Dining Chairs is a family-owned business established in 1978. We’ve been hard at work since then to ensure you receive high-quality products at a great value. Most of the products displayed here are our own designs that we have created with our partner factories.

1. Construction & Quality

It is important to use a rocker that lasts. It is important that the joints of your frame are not loose. The frame must also be uniform.

You should weave tightly onto the frame any material you use to cover it, such as wickercane. You should ensure that there are no loose ends or allow for movement between the frame components. These requirements will ensure that construction is sound.

2. Use indoors and outdoors

The material of your rocker is less important if it will be used indoors than if it will be outdoors. For indoor use, rockers can be made of natural or synthetic materials. If you plan to use your rocker outdoors, you will need one that is weather-resistant, such as aluminum, resin, or powder coated steel. These materials are resistant to rust and can withstand the elements.

3. Style

Your rocker’s style will determine how it fits in with your decor. You should choose one that matches or blends in with your existing furniture. You have a lot of options if you want to use the rocker on its own on your patio or porch.

Some rockers don’t require cushions, while others, such as deep seating rockers require both back and seat cushions. Deep seating rockers are recommended for those who sit for extended periods of time. They provide comfort that lasts longer and is more comfortable. A standard rocker is fine for most people, but you can add a cushion to the seat.

4. Size

Size matters when it comes to rocking chair. The furniture industry is not accustomed to the idea that everyone is different. We are limited to one design when shopping for a rocking chairs. The good news? Each design is different. You can find rockers that fit you better than others.

A person with a shorter stature must ensure that the height from the ground to your seat is comfortable for your legs. If you intend to use a cushion in the seat, you should test it first.

You will need to ensure that the seat width is sufficient for your body if you have a larger frame or are over 220 pounds. For example, most standard wicker rocking chair dimensions are 18 in. The dimensions are 18 inches wide by 18 inches deep Deep or 19 in. wide x 19 in deep. Deep seating wicker rockers offer an approximate 23-inch width. Dimensions: 24 inches wide x 24 inches high Deep seat with back cushion.

5. Use of a Cushion or Not

Standard rockers come without a cushion for the seat. You can choose one. A majority of people prefer to have a cushion in their seat from the beginning. You don’t have to purchase one if you don’t want it or don’t think it’s necessary. You can try the rocker for a while and then add a cushion to it later.

6. The Rock

You want the rocking chair to be comfortable. The design of the rocking chair determines how rockable it is. How well the chair rocks depends on the curve of the runners, the angle at which they were installed, and the length of the legs relative to the rest of the chair. You won’t find the same rock everywhere. You might be picky if you aren’t sure.

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